At Bitesize NLP we are on a mission to simplify Neuro-Linguistic Programming one bite at a time

With audio, visual and kinesthetic content we aim to show you how powerful NLP can be for you in your work, relationships and throughout your life. We have trained with Richard Bandler one of the co founders of NLP and we are passionate about showing people the difference that NLP can make in their lives.

We are also the home of the Bitesize NLP Dictionary which is available now at the iBookstore



Why Bitesize

As practitioners ourselves we were increasingly frustrated by the ambiguity and downright obfuscation of NLP. Our aim is simple; quick, relevant NLP facts, at your fingertips.

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Further Reading

There are many good (and not so good) NLP resources on the internet but of course there are also some good old fashioned books with great information, check out our Amazon links for some of the best.

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Looking for NLP Training

If you found us because you are looking for training then why not consider training with one of the Co Founders of NLP. Richard Bandler and the amazing people at the NLP Life Team.

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